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So far (at least as far as I can tell from watching clips on YouTube and seeing gifsets like this one), John Oliver and the team of Last Week Tonight have a flawless record. They have been consistently on point on every topic they have discussed, and doing a far better job at informing viewers as to what the fuck shit means than the MSM does while also being entertaining as fuck! This show is fucking brilliant, and I think some of that is likely due to Oliver’s conscious attempt to have a (relatively) diverse writing staff.

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McDonald’s is having a hard time believing people would protest being paid $7.25

Photo: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

“These are absolutely real workers and McDonald’s is very well aware of that,” says Jennifer Epps-Addison, a campaign leader for Wisconsin Jobs Now. “They are not being paid to participate. Nobody would walk off their job just for a little bit of money. They are walking off their job and they are going out on strike because they are tired and fed up of the working conditions that they are forced to struggle through.”

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